Slack app to help teams collaborate, reflect, and make progress.

Mitual brings routine practices needed for a healthy culture to your Slack workspace. Help your teams connect on a more conscious level by building rituals such as check-ins, regular feedback, appreciation, and more.

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Understand and codify your rituals

Get your team on the same page with daily check-ins, weekly pulse checks, or regular feedbacks. Boost productivity by prioritizing alignment and transparency.

Improve your collaboration and communication workflow

Move your organization from conversation to action. Manage, inform, or align without having to overcommunicate.

Start a campfire your team can swarm around

Bring your team together on a channel where they can openly reflect, share thoughts, and appreciation.

Mitual brings a ritual-based approach to team collaboration
that will have a direct effect on

Each program is carefully designed for fast-scaling teams.

Build reflective practices

Establish feedback culture

Track and expedite progress

Introduce or reinforce rituals

Create communication flows

Align remote teams

Access actionable

Get a better sense of the states your people navigate in. Analyze and act on what your team's actions are signaling through your team's daily practices.

Analytics for Managers

Having a holistic approach to collaboration will have a direct effect on a team's motivation, productivity, and, as a result, accountability.

Reflective Practice for Team members

Your people can organize their thoughts and tasks, capture what's on their mind and they get personalize insights on what influences their fullfilment and performance at work.


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Do you omit inactive members from pricing?

Absolutely. We do not charge your for inactive members.


Do I need a credit card to try?

No. You can start a free trial today without a credit card.


Is there a way to pay for selected members and not everyone on our Slack?

Yes. Contact us and we will create a plan that works for your team.


We might need to try more then 14 days, is this okay?

No worries, we will extend your trial if you need more time, contact us and we will handle it.

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Try Mitual today for free and make a habit of daily connection and progress.

Try Mitual today for free and establish a habit of daily progress.

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